Tuesday 22 November 2011


Malaysia's First Period Kungfu Comedy Blockbuster, Petaling Street Warriors, Receives Rave Reviews from Heavyweight Industry Players from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & United States!

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藍凱莎玲(《畫皮》、《倩女幽魂》出品人;中國香港泰吉影業發行主席暨行政總裁)Ketsarinh Lan (Producer of Painted Skin and A Chinese Fairy Tale; Chairman & CEO of Golden Sun Films Distribution Limited)


"Having a good script and realistic fight scenes, Petaling Street Warriors is a well-made and extremely entertaining production!"

孔令江(V壹網製作主管)Eddie Hung (VDO Next's Video Production Supervisor)

"The subject is very unique, and its minutes-long clip has already shown us the glimpses of a big-budgeted blockbuster!"

馮子昌(香港天極電影制作集團創辦人)Percy Fung (Founder of Film Magic Group)

"Reaching the production level of Hong Kong films, Petaling Street Warriors is a milestone in Malaysian Chinese film history!"

張嘉力(香港天極數碼後期制作人)Cheung Ka Lik (Producer of Digital Magic Hong Kong)

"The subject of Petaling Street Warriors is unseen before in the history of Singapore and Malaysia's film industry. Its story offers us an emotional roller-coaster ride with strong entertainment value!"

台灣片商 A Taiwanese Distributor
“With its high-quality production, the uniqueness of its subject, and its entertainment value, we're interested to distribute Petaling Street Warriors in Taiwan."

Brandon Pender (美國出品人兼發行人, New Dawn Pictures LLC.)
Brandon Pender (American Producer & Distributor, New Dawn Pictures LLC.)
"I think this piece has the possibility of being another Kung Fu Hustle."

Paul Wolansky (美国电影《搏击之王 2》编剧) Paul Wolansky (Screenwriter of American Kickboxer 2)
“Petaling Street Warriors looks like a great, fun nostalgia-filled ride!”

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